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Waltz Wraps Production, Upcoming Events, Composer!

Waltz Wraps!

After three months and eighteen days of filming, production has officially wrapped on Grimm Sleeper Productions' first feature film, Waltz! Production officially ended late Wednesday, September 29th, into the wee hours of Thursday morning.

The scheduled scenes were light, primarily pick-ups and some additional shots needed for scenes that were filmed weeks ago. The crew revisited the private residence in Aliquippa that served as Alice's home, another residence in Monaca that served as the home of Alice's best friend, Calvin, and finally it was back to Sheffield in Aliquippa to grab a scene outside of Ricky D's, where the cast and crew filmed several weeks ago.

Prior to this, on Saturday, September 25th, the crew packed up and drove out to McKnight Road, where they filmed for 13 hours at the offices of Quantum Financial Advisors. Owner Andre Weisbrod opened his doors to the crew to shoot scenes that are set in Alice's workplace. The 25th was also the final day on-set for cast member Hattie Baier, who plays the role of Alice's somewhat shy co-worker, Ginny.

On Wednesday night, just before midnight, David Dietz wrapped up his final scenes as Calvin. The last actor standing was, of course, leading lady Hannah Keeley. Hannah's Alice finished her scenes up around 1:00 AM on Thursday morning.

Waltz now moves into the its post production phase, with writer/director Josh Maley now turning to the initial edit. Josh will complete a cut of the film before sending it on to editor Holly Mollohan (who edited GSP's previous films, 415 and Lullabye) for finishing touches.


One Night at Freddy's

The cast and crew of Waltz will be attending a sspecial event at the iconic Freddy's Haunts attraction. The Waltz team spent three weeks at Freddy's over the summer as the haunt served as the lair of the mysterious Hatter. Weeks of shooting ended in the early hours of the morning with a massive fire scene.

The film's lead, Hannah Keeley, will be on-hand with many of her co-stars and the crew on Saturday, October 23rd. Writer/director Josh Maley will be on-hand to debut the first look at the film, a clip featuring a number of the rooms in Freddy's Haunts. If all that weren't enough, the Hatter is rumored to be there as well, stalking the grounds of the haunts for scares or pictures.

Stay tuned here or visit Freddy's official website for tickets.



Horror superfan and composer Gory Rory recently joined the Waltz team. Rory is charged with scoring the film, and has already been hard at work writing a number of pieces that will be featured in the above-referenced scene that will premiere at Freddy's Haunts.

Regarding joining the cast, Rory said he was, "...truly impressed with and entertained by" the screenplay. "A lot of modern horror has forgotten how to be a proper horror film and have fun," but Waltz "...captured that romp and fear perfectly. [...] The methodology of the Hatter was exceptionally intriguing. The dialogue was realistic, yet charming at times and I especially enjoyed the overall sense of humor incorporated throughout the story."

Samples of Rory's work can be heard on his YouTube channel, and you can hear the first pieces from his upcoming score on October 23rd at Freddy's Haunts.


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