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Cast Announced, New Feature in the Works

Cast Announced

The cast for Grimm Sleeper Productions' next short film has been announced! The roster for the three main characters is as follows:

  • Maddy Cox as Serenity ("Ren")

  • Mike Psenick as 1st Lt. James Cormac

  • Em Sullivan as the mysterious Undead Girl

The film is set to move into production within the next month or so. Be sure to check back for updates!


New Feature in the Works!

In a surprising move, Grimm Sleeper Productions announced a new feature film that has quickly entered development. Not only is it hot on the tail of "Dead Friends Forever," it's also the company's first non-horror project to go into production.

Little has been announced so far about "GEN-X: The Movie" beyond some nostalgic teaser images showing the film's title in the style of various old-school shows. Check them out below, along with a better look at the placeholder poster used on this site's Projects page. Sporting the tagline "A Coming of Middle Age Story" it promises to be heavy on the so-called forgotten generation's nostalgia.

The main poster features the film's title enshrined in the old Blockbuster logo. The other images are riffs on SNICK (Saturday Night Nickelodeon, a popular block of shows in the 90s) and of course the Friends logo, complete with the catch phrase, "Pivoting Soon."

It appears "GEN-X: The Movie" will be the next film to go into production after "Dead Friends Forever" has wrapped. We'll have more info on this project in the future.


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