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Unburied Festival Selection

Unburied Festival Selection!

"Unburied," a screenplay from Waltz director Josh Maley, has been named an Official Selection of the Pittsburgh Moving Picture Company's Trailer Bash and Raging Pages film festival for 2024.

The screenplay tells the story of Melanie, a disgraced psychotherapist who moves to a new town again as a grief counselor for a funeral home. There, she meets a mysterious mortician who believes she can talk to the dead.

The 2024 edition of the Trailer Bash and Raging Pages festival kicks off Sunday, May 19th, with an hour-long screening session of the submitted trailers. Festivities also include a special screening of George Romero's classic, Dawn of the Dead, with a Q&A session led by Mike Ancas and featuring Jeanie Ferguson and Bob Michelucci. Mike was a prominently featured zombie in Day of the Dead, while Jeanie and Bob were both featured in Dawn of the Dead.

This is the second festival selection for "Unburied." The first was 2020's American Screenwriter's Conference.


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