It was a warm summer evening in the mid-80s when GSP founder Joshua D. Maley settled into the back seat of his mom's car at the drive-in theater. The feature that night: Pet Sematary. Though he was only 10, a deep, abiding love of horror movies took root that night, a consuming passion that would lead him to the depths of 1428 Elm Streets, to the streets of Haddonfield, to the secrets of Camp Crystal Lake, to the halls of the Overlook hotel, and beyond.


Over twenty years (and hundreds of horror films) later, Maley has taken his love of the strange and macabre and poured it into his new production company, GRIMM SLEEPER PRODUCTIONS.


Founded in 2015 just outside of Pittsburgh, PA, GRIMM SLEEPER PRODUCTIONS aspires to tell more than your run-of-the-mill scary stories. We want to do more than simply give you a good jump scare. We want our characters to become important to you, people with whom you can identify. We don't believe in the conventional wisdom that characterization and deep, interesting storytelling has no place in the horror genre. Our films are developed in-house with the simple goal of telling compelling, character-driven stories.


"There's something deeply personal about confronting our fears head-on," Maley says. "Horror films give us the chance to face our fears in relative safety. They teach us how to process and deal with the things that terrify us, so that we can more effectively deal with practical, everyday fears."


But in a post-scream world, where horror tropes have become well known and old hat, what is the path forward? "The world has changed," Maley explains. "It's a much scarier place than it used to be. The everyday images we're bombarded with by the media are frightening on a whole other level. Our horror stories have to evolve, too. What we tell, and how we tell it. People need a connection. It needs to be personal. There needs to be emotional investment. That's where, I hope, GRIMM SLEEPER PRODUCTIONS can step in and fill the gap."

GRIMM SLEEPER PRODUCTIONS was founded with the simple goal of


telling compelling, character-driven stories in the horror genre.