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Check out the below upcoming events for Grimm Sleeper Productions!

Oct 23

"Waltz Night" at Freddy's Haunts!

Come meet the cast and crew of WALTZ at Freddy's Haunts! The stars of the film, Hannah Keeley, David Dietz, and Hattie Baier will be in attendance alongside film writer/director Joshua D. Maley and other members of the crew on Saturday, October 23rd! The cast and crew will be mingling by the bonfire, visiting with guests, and showcasing the very first clips from the film! The villainous HATTER is rumored to be attending as well, stalking the guests at the haunt!

For tickets, please visit Freddy's Haunts official website where you can pre-order tickets for their exciting 2021 season!

Nov 19-21

"415" at Horror Realm 2021!


415 will be screening at Pittsburgh's 2021 Horror Realm convention as part of the premiere of "DE:AD AM", a new web series that showcases the best short horror films from around the globe! Visit Horror Realm's official website for a list of celebrity guests and ticket information!

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