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Waltz Returns


Way back in 2016, Grimm Sleeper Productions put together its first proper short film, the psychological horror, Waltz. While production wrapped on the short, it never quite got out of Post and remains unfinished due to needed re=shoots that are not possible due to cast and location issues. Footage for the short, as well as a trailer, have appeared online.

Grimm Sleeper Productions is excited to announce that a feature-length version of Waltz has been commissioned and has entered Preproduction as of June 2021. The story of the feature version will follow the original short closely, as a young woman finds herself at the mercy of a stalker who seems intent on proving that she is every bit the monster he is.

A casting call for the film will soon be announced in Pittsburgh, PA. While not all locations have been chosen yet, the popular Aliquippa-based attraction, Freddy's Haunts, will serve as a major location for the film, infusing it with the unique style and visuals of one of the region's most popular Hallowe'en haunts.

Filming is expected to begin in early August with GSP's founder Joshua D. Maley serving as writer and director. Special Effects will be provided by More Gore Effects, who have provided the effects work for the short version of Waltz as well as the award-winning Maley short film, 415.

No other cast or crew have been announced at this time.


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