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Waltz Fest Wins, New Poster

Waltz Trailer Wins

Waltz picked up a number of selections and awards in late 2023 for its trailer and promotional materials.

Official Selections

  • Youngstown Film Festival

  • The Pittsburgh Moving Picture Festival's Trailer Bash/Raging Pages


  • Prodigy Film Festival: Best Trailer

  • Prodigy Film Festival: Best Poster Design

You can expect more info as the film itself starts entering festivals in the next few months.


New Poster Art

The award-winning new poster design for the film was completed in the latter half of 2023, based on photos taken during one of the final days of shooting back in 2021. Director of Photography Kevin Kukler was the photographer, and the final poster was realized by local artist Michael Main, based on a design by Josh Maley. The poster depicts the Hatter leading Alice through a haunting waltz. You can check out the new poster below. This design is the predominant one featured on this site as well as the film's socials, replacing the original art of the Hatter walking down a corridor as seen by Alice in her cell. A third design is currently being developed that will be revealed closer to the film's festival premiere.


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