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Unburied: Our First Feature

Last year, we announced the beginning of our first feature film project, Unburied. Things have been quiet since then, but the script has been completed and polished and the project will be seeking funding just as soon as the world settles into its new normal after this craziness.

That said, things have been moving over the past year to get the film ready, including the casting of our two lead roles and location scouting. We will have a separate casting announcement a little later, but we did want to share some exciting news: Unburied's first film festival selection.

Unburied has the honor of being an official selection of the American Screenwriters Conference, part of the Sacramento Film Festival. While the in-person event, scheduled for earlier this month, was unable to take place, they are planning a digital version of the event where all of the selected films will be screened. This prestigious festival has been running for sixteen years and is a well-respected industry event. We are honored to have Unburied chosen as one of its officially selected screenplays!

415 Finalist!

Also last year, we made mention that 415 was a semi-finalist at the Olympia Film Festival in Los Angeles, CA. We later learned the film made it to the final round and is officially a finalist at this festival, under the category, "Best Thriller - Short." Thanks to the judges for your interest in and support of our film!

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