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415 Semifinalist & New Feature!

415 received the distinction of becoming a semifinalist in the Los Angeles-based Olympus Film Festival. Congratulations once more to the cast and crew!

We are also pleased to announce our next big film project: UNBURIED.

Written and directed by Joshua D. Maley, UNBURIED tells the story of Melanie, a disgraced therapist with a habit of getting too close to her patients, as she takes on the role of grief counselor at a funeral home. There she meets Nessie, a socially awkward and disturbed mortician who carries on conversations with the dead. Fascinated by what she is sure is some kind of disorder, Melanie befriends Nessie in the hopes of "fixing" her. But she is soon plagued by bizarre and frightening events that may lead her to believe Nessie's disorder might not be just in her head. Even the dead need someone to talk to...

Jess Paul, the award-winning star of films such as A Funny Man, The Immaculate Reception, Promenade, and GSP's own 415, has signed on to play the role of Nessie. In the coming months, we will be casting for the lead role of Melanie.

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