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Lullabye First Look

First Look at Lullabye

On March 16th, the team at Grimm Sleeper Productions went to work on our latest short, Lullabye. This micro-short film tells the story of Ian, a first-time father who offers to watch his young daughter for the night so his wife can get a much-needed night out. But things don't go quite as planned, and Ian's first night home with his daughter could be his last...

Lullabye stars Jason Sealy, Danielle Jacobson, and Amelia Trover. It was written and directed by Joshua D. Maley, and filmed by Kevin Kukler. Included in this post is a first look at a raw, untouched screengrab of Jason Sealy's Ian.

Post production has begun in earnest on Lullabye, with the assembly edit completed on Saturday. No word yet on if Lullabye will attempt a festival run, or be shared online through Grimm Sleeper Productions' social media and YouTube pages. Look for more updates soon!

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