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New Series Announcement, Teaser

Grimm's Scary Tales: New Series

Grimm Sleeper Productions is pleased to announce our next series on our Grimm's Scary Tales YouTube channel: PARANORMAL HIGHWAY.

Following in the footsteps of shows like Ghost Hunters and American Paranormal, PARANORMAL HIGHWAY follows Grimm himself, Joshua D. Maley, as he joins the Western Pennsylvania Paranormal Investigation Team (W.P.P.I.T.) on their journeys to affirm or debunk reports of paranormal activity in a variety of locations. The team will use logic, science, and technology to search for genuine answers to paranormal questions. No "demons!" here, just honest efforts to debunk or validate reports of spirit activity.

Joining Maley will be Jason Proakis and Jeff Young, the lead investigators for W.P.P.I.T. The duo has spent years investigating claims locally and abroad, and their supporting team members have extensive experience.

The series will begin filming this month (February) for a premiere date later this Spring. You can view the announce teaser below.

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