While Grimm Sleeper Productions' primary focus is its short, feature, and web-based films and series, we also have a special YouTube channel with original horror content to scare you anywhere you may go!

Our channel, Grimm's Scary Tales, offers a variety of unique shows that span genres and create unique listening and viewing experiences. Check out the show summaries below and you can follow the links directly to the most recent playlist available for each. Also check out our upcoming offerings!


Grimm's Frightmares is our channel's flagship show, dramatic audio readings of true and user-submitted ghost stories. The stories are read by Jess Paul (a mainstay with Grimm Sleeper Productions from both an acting and producer standpoint) and Grimm himself, Joshua D. Maley. Each professionally produced episode features a dramatic reading from Jess or Josh, enhanced with just the right amount of creepy sound effects and subtle music, resulting in a genuinely chilling experience completely unique in this arena.


If there's one thing horror fans like to do, it's talk about their favorite movies. Grimmnight Horror Theater is a series dedicated to those who love to pontificate over films, actors, directors, plot points, and just about anything else. Join Grimm himself, Joshua D. Maley, as well as critics Michael Robinson and Jason Proakis (and plenty of guests!) as they break down and analyze everything from the latest scare-fest to cult classics.


Join the Western Pennsylvania Paranormal Investigation team as they take on reports of paranormal activity in the Pittsburgh region and beyond.  Coming Spring 2018

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