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415 Post Production, Lullabye Casting & More...

415 Post Production Update

It took a little longer than planned, but 415 is nearing the end of Post Production! The film will be audience-ready by mid-February and festival submissions will begin right away. We'll keep you posted on any fests the film is accepted to, including venues and times.

415 stars Jess Paul and Lisa Dapprich, and was written and directed by Joshua D. Maley.


Lullabye Cast & Shoot

Grimm Sleeper Productions is pleased to announce the cast for our upcoming short film, Lullabye!

Jason Sealy will be play the lead role of Ian., and Danielle Jacobson will co-star as his wife, Liza. Production begins on March 16, 2018. The film will be directed by Joshua D. Maley with Kevin Kukler once again serving as Director of Photography.


Grimm's Scary Tales

Late last year, Grimm Sleeper Productions launched a new YouTube channel known as Grimm's Scary Tales. The channel launched with two original series: 31 Nights, 31 Frights (a micro-review of horror films released nightly throughout October) and the popular Grimm's Frightmares (dramatic audio readings of real and fictional ghost stories, performed by hosts Jess Paul and Joshua D. Maley).

Click here to check out the channel and be sure to subscribe!

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