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First Look at 415, Next Short Announced


Production wrapped on Grimm Sleeper Production's upcoming short, 415. The eighteen hour shoot took place on Saturday, May 20th through the wee hours of the morning on Sunday, May 21st. We are pleased to present a first-look at a still from the short, featuring Jess Paul as the film's lead, Darby. The film follows Darby a she is plagued by the mysterious numbers. Directed by Joshua D. Maley, with Kevin Kukler serving as Director of Photography, 415 also stars Pittsburgh's own Lisa Dapprich. It is expected to begin festival rounds before the end of the year.



With 415 wrapped, focus now moves to the next GSP short, entitled Lullabye formerly called "First Night"). This short, along with 415 and several other unannounced shorts, will be released in an anthology by Grimm Sleeper Productions. The film will feature Pittsburgh actress Danielle Jacobson. No further cast or crew announcements have been as yet. Further details on Lullabye will be released soon. In the meantime, here's a preview of the poster art for the short, which can also be found on our Projects page.

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