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415 Shoot Date, YouTube Updates


The first short in our upcoming anthology of horror, Grimm Tales, has a production date. The shoot will take place on Saturday, May 20th. As the film is a microshort, the shoot is anticipated to run for just the one day.

415 tells the story of Darby (Jess Paul, The Immaculate Reception, Promenade, Brew House), a young woman suffering from crippling anxiety and convinced the strange pattern of numbers she's seeing foretells her end.


The GSP YouTube channel has undergone a redesign, some housecleaning, and a bit of updating. Pay a visit for a look at scenes from our once-and-future webseries, Shepard. You can also get a look at some of the earliest works of GSP founder Joshua D. Maley (that's right - who doesn't love laughing at old student films?).


Watch this space for on-set pictures from the 415 shoot, as well as info on our next anthology short, First Night!

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