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Welcome to Grimm's Theater!

Grab some popcorn and a sugary drink, dim the lights, and get ready to join in the conversation! Grimmnight Horror Theater is a genre roundtable show that explores the world of horror cinema, both classic and modern.

Hosted by The Grimm Sleeper himself, Joshua D. Maley and his friends and filmmaking companions, Michael Robinson (Lullabye) and Jason Proakis (Waltz, 415), Grimmnight Horror Theater will cover genre-related discussion including movie reviews, trivia and little known facts, and will include special guests from the horror industry.

Grimmnight Horror Theater is hosted at Grimm's Scary Tales on YouTube, so be sure to subscribe!

Next Up:

Premiere Episode: The Nun | Airdate: TBA (October)

The boys drive deep into Corin Hardy's contribution to The Conjuring Universe, the biggest cinematic universe since Marvel! (No, those other guys don't count.) Explore the film's connection to the larger universe, future spin-offs, and help the guys try to figure out those pesky rules for demonic possession, since they change every movie!